To Semi-longhair breeds

The medium to large sized cat is muscular and heavy.
The legs are also muscular and of medium length. The paws are large, compact and round with toe tufts.
The tail is long, slightly tapering and with a bushy furnishing.


The solid, rounded part of the muzzle elongates over well developed cheeks into an equilateral triangle.
The top of the head between the ears is noticeably flat. The profile is slightly curved, the nose slightly
concave.The chin is firm.

Ears The ears are medium sized, broad at the base with a slightly rounded tip. They are set wide apart and
slightly tilted forwards.
Eyes The eyes are large, open and oval. They are set with wide apart and slightly slanted.
The colour is an intense blue, the darker the better.

The coat is of medium length, silky in texture and with minimal undercoat. The coat is longest at the neck.
Breeches are desirable.

Colour varieties

The Ragdoll is a pointed cat with Siamese points and recognized in all pointed colours. The description
of colours is listed in the general list of colours.


The Ragdoll is recognized in three patterns:

  Colourpoint Classical pointed pattern without white. See the list of colours.

Pointed pattern with white. The belly, chest and the legs are white.
Starting on the forehead the white continues in form of an inverted "V"

over the cheeks and the muzzle, it runs into a white chest without any interruption.

  Mitted Pointed pattern with white. White even gloves on the front paws, white boots
on the hind legs reaching to the joint. White on the chin, which continues to a
white chest without interruption, white belly.
Paw pads




See the general description of pointed colours.

pink or analogous to the coat colour

pink or analogous to the coat colour

Faults All colours
  • stop in the profile
  • Roman nose
  • dense undercoat, which permits the coat to stand off the body


are severe faults.

  • absence of the white chin
Scale of points
Body 30 points
Head 30 points
Coat texture 10 points
Coat colour and pattern 25 points
Condition 5 points
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