To Semi-longhair breeds

The cat is medium sized and elegant. The body is of medium length, firm, lithe and muscular.
The legs are sinewy, long and slender. The paws are narrow and oval.
The long tail is strong at the base and ends in a tapering tip.
The neck is slender.


The head shows a moderate wedge shape and gently rounded contours. The nose is of
medium length. The profile is slightly curved.
The chin is firm.

Ears The ears are large and set wide apart. They are broad at the base and slightly rounded at the tips.
Ear tufts and a thumb print are desired.
Eyes The eyes are large, brilliant and expressive, slightly almond-shaped and set wide apart.
The eye colour is pure and clear, amber to green. In the silver varieties green is preferred.
The eye lids are encircled (eye rims) with the colour of the ticking in all colour varieties.

The coat is of medium length, fine and glossy with a dense undercoat. A frill and breeches are
desirable. The tail is well furnished and plume like.


Double or preferably triple banding on each single hair. The ticking shall be extended evenly and
without stripes over the entire body. The line along the spine (eel line), the tail tip and the plantar
side of the hind paws are coloured intensely in the colour of the ticking. The chest, belly and

the inner side of the legs are without ticking and of the corresponding base colour.

Colour varieties

Without silver


  • ruddy
  • blue
  • sorrel
  • fawn


With silver


  • black silver
  • blue silver
  • sorrel silver
  • fawn silver




For the description of the colours
see at Ticked Tabby.


  • stripes on the front legs
  • broken necklace
  • grey or too light undercoat
  • too little ticking
  • ghost markings
  • missing eye rims
  • white extending beyond the chin
  • black roots of the hairs
Faults excluding
the CAC
  • white medallion (locket)
  • unbroken necklace
  • stripes on all 4 legs
  • large amount of grey undercoat
Scale of points
Body and tail 20 points
Head and ears 15 points
Eyes 10 points
Coat texture 10 points
Colour of body 25 points
Ticking 15 points
Condition 5 points
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