To Semi-longhair breeds

Medium to large size, long with substantial bone structure and firm muscles. The rib cage and the
shoulders are not broader than the hips. The legs are long and slender with oval paws and tufts
between the toes. The hind legs are higher than the front legs.
The tail is medium to long, broad at the base and slightly tapering to a rounded tip. The tail is fully
furnished with flowing hairs. The neck is medium to long.


Medium sized, but appears small in proportion to the body. The shape is a modified wedge, which
starts at the nose and continues to the tips of the ears. The forehead is slightly rounded.
Long, straight nose, which is evenly medium broad, with a slight indentation at the level of the eyes.
The muzzle is well defined, elongated and with a smooth contour, but it appears somewhat square
because of its pronounced whisker pads. After a soft transition the lines of the wedge are continued.
The chin is firm with a gentle contour and forms a straight line with the nose and the upper lip.

Ears Large, moderately pointed, broad at the base, slightly flared and tilted forward, the inner side is well
furnished with tufts. They are set wide apart, with at least one ear's width between and continue the
wedge-shape of the head.
Eyes The eyes are of medium size, oval shaped and set at a slant towards the nose in harmony with the
wedge-shaped lines of the head. The distance between the eyes is at least one eye width.
The colour ranges from golden to hazelnut to green, the purer and deeper the colour, the better.
Coat The coat is of medium length, fine and glossy, falling down the body smoothly. The texture is soft and
silky with well developed undercoat, which shall not be woolly. The coat is shorter on the shoulders
and becomes gradually longer towards the back. A little frill is desirable.
Colour varieties

These colours are recognized


  • chocolate and lilac,
  • chocolate and lilac with white.


The coat is evenly coloured on the entire body, even and solid to the roots, without any shading,
without rusty traces, without white brindling or tabby markings in adults.

  • Ghost markings are permitted in kittens up to 10 months.
  • A white medallion or a white patch on the belly in cats with solid colour.
Scale of points
Body 25 points
Head 30 points
Eyes 10 points
Coat texture 15 points
Coat colour 15 points
Condition 5 points
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