Lykoi (LYS)


To Shorthair breeds

The breed has a unique color pattern which makes the hair coat roan. It is also partially hairless.

The combination of the color pattern and partial hairlessness gives the Lykoi a werewolf-like appearance.  


Lithe, slender. Having solid weight.

The neck is medium length. Neither thin nor overly muscular.

Legs and feet are sparsely haired and have a medium boning and length.

Feet are medium in size and oval shaped, with long toes.

Paw peds can be of other color than the color base of the coat.


The tail is shorter than the body and tapers to a point. 


Modified wedge with rounded contours from the nose to the cheeks to the ears.

The head is slightly longer than wide.

Slightly rounded forehead.

There is a hairless mask connecting the muzzle, chin, nose with the ears and eyes.

Profile: A concave curve from brow to bridge. No Stop. Slight bump on the nose.

The nose is hairless and leathery to the touch, slightly rounded down at the end.

The muzzle is medium in length, with gently rounded hairless whisker pads and a definite whisker break. Muzzle ends with a well-developed chin aligned vertically with the nose, having a rounded appearance.


Large and open, wide at the base, the tips are rounded. Set high on the head, vertical and erect.

Hairless with some sparse hair on outer surface allowed.


Medium, oval in shape to almost round. Bias inside corner points to the nose, outside corner points to the outside ear edge, so that it looks like a waxing moon. The rims are hairless giving the appearance of white eye liner. They should have an open expression.

Gold colored eye color is preferred.


Length: Short to medium length.

Texture: Partially hairless. Undercoat is minimal; longer guard hairs cover the body. Amount of coat will

vary depending on cycle of the year, but more coat is desirable over less coat.

Coat resembles the lok of an opossum coat. Soft to the touch.

Colour/pattern: Thirty to seventy percent range of dark black from root to tip hair intermixed with white amelanistic from root to tip hair with 50/50 being ideal.

The mask is hairless.

White lockets, buttons and belly spots are allowed.


Black roan only. Other colours are allowed for breeding, but not for showing 

  • more than sparse undercoat

Faults that exclude the certificate
  • absence of hairless face mask

  • any base colour other than black

  • no Roan (amelanistic hair)

  • full hair on the cat

  • visible tail kink

Permitted outcrosses

Solid black Domestic Shorthair

Scale of points
Body 20 points
Head 20 points
Ears    5 points
Eyes    5 points
Coat, texture and length 40 points
Tail   5 points
Condition   5 points
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